Why Tall Tine Bowstrings


Pre-stretched Bowstrings:

- Pre-stretched strings and cables
- Extreme high tensions on servings and stretching
- Three-Step proprietary stretching process

Superior Materials:
- BCY premium Fibers
- 452X for high end compound bows
- Halo and 3D end servings
- Powergrip Center Servings for perfect nock fit
- B55 for traditional and teardrop style compounds with Halo or 3D Servings
- Dynaflight 97 for crossbows with Halo end servings

Quality Control:
- Hand crafted pieces
- Every piece built to manufacturer specs
- Each piece is checked for quality throughout the building process




Assembled By Hand:
- Built from start to finish by qualified string builders
- Built by hunters for hunters -- by shooters, for shooters.
- We use high end, precision machines to ensure the quality throughout the manufacturing process while maintaining the hands-on approach to business and the final product.

While we are a small manufacturing company, we look after the quality control and ensure you are getting the most accurate finished product built. We do not mass produce string sets, everything is built to order except for the small number of ready-made sets that are popular for the current year.

We have the best industrial equipment on the market that is only found in our facilities to help us ensure top quality product control. 

Everything that leaves our factory is pre-stretched and guaranteed not to creep or move. There is no stretch in our strings and cables. Our products are backed by years of experience of creating and refining our build process.
Experience the best string sets money can buy. After installing our strings and cables, you should experience no peep movement in as little as 3-5 shoots after the initial install.

Get your bow setup, paper tuned, and get out and shoot. It's that simple and effective. You won’t find a better finished product produced by a small family business anywhere.