Prime 2020+ Tall Tine Bowstrings Compound Complete Set

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All Tall Tine Bowstring Compound Sets are built from BCY Fibers. We choose to use 452X for its long lasting history of being the best material in the business and the longest lasting material known for its reliability and popularity. All strings go through our rigorous pre-stretching and stretching process. Servings are applied at a high rate of speed and at a high rate of tension to ensure there is no peep rotation or creep in the material once installed. 452X is made of 67% SK75 Dyneema® and 33% Vectran. 

Good arrow speed, more strand count flexibility, and better-looking two-color strings. No creep; completely stable. All end loops are made with either 3D or halo end servings for unmatched durability and its resistance to serving separation. All center servings are built with BCY Powergrip serving for its durable gripping power and its resistance to separating. All string sets come with speed nocks installed to manufacturer’s specifications if applicable for your particular bow.