Pine Ridge Nitro Button XL - Pack of 2

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Sometimes bigger is better and that is the case with the Nitro Button XL. The Nitro Button XL comes with the benefits of the original Nitro Button, is a little heavier and has a cool new look. The Nitro Button XL can increase the overall speed of a bow. These are the perfect accessories for archers looking for extra speed from their old bow or looking to turn their new bow into a lightning-fast, turbo-charged rig. Nitro Button XL can help eliminate unwanted bow noise and vibrations and can be installed in minutes. Inexpensive Nitro Button XLs can give a bow more speed without breaking the bank and they look awesome on any bow. Nitro Button XLs add style and function to a bow and come in a wide variety of colors. Keeping with the current trend, we have design d brilliant colors that will match the various string colors, bows and accessories on the market so regardless of what color accessories an archer has on their bow, we have a color to match.

Colors include: Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Lime Green, Pink, Purple, and Yellow. (2/PKG.) 

Weight each: 19 Grains