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South Dakota Spring Turkey Season


This video is a collection of 3 weeks of hunting from opening weekend through the last weekend of April when I finally connected on a killing shot on a big Boss Tom. Opening weekend found me in Northeast SD on public land hunting a nice flock of roughly 25 birds. Opening morning got off to a great start with two shoots fired at 30 yards or so. Missed both times low. Couple days later found me on a new farm after knocking on some random doors and one thing lead to the next and it granted me permission to turkey hunt this spring and was given the go ahead to start preparing for the upcoming archery deer season as soon as my turkey tag was filled. Spent roughly 8 days on and off the farm scouting, setting up a couple blinds, and waiting for the right moment. Friday, the morning of April 22, found me under the roost tree. The entire flock flew down, the hens and jakes proceeded to come into the decoys, the 2 big boss toms held back at 30 yards giving me a shot but i didnt want to take that long of one. The flock and two boss toms moved off and two other toms came within 15 and 20 yards. The closer one didnt provide a shot on camera but the other stopped at 20 yards, I settled my 20 yard pin on him but he was more like 22 yards and i shot under him resulting in a wad of feathers stuck to my arrow. I came back the next morning, the 23rd and wasn't in the blind for more that 10 mins of legal shooting light and the two boss toms flew down, landed out front of my blind like they did the day before, and proceeded to come within 13 yards. The first shot proved to be lethal but after the birds regrouped like nothing happened, I opted for a second arrow just for insurance purposes. My tom expired about 75 yards away from my blind. Had an excellent time hunting and looking forward to the next adventure. Thank you for watching.