Arrow Tech Archery MT 300 Series

Posted by Phillip Johnson on 24th Feb 2020

Arrow Tech Archery MT 300 Series

Arrows seem to be a dime a dozen. What makes one brand better than the next? Sometimes it comes down to personal preference, what your shop is selling, or you just like to shoot something new and research different brands. 

Either way I am here to give you a little insight to the Arrow Tech Archery brand of arrows. They have been around for quite a few years. Slowing growing and climbing through the ranks now is one of the leading arrow manufacturers in the business. They are a California based company. The owner, Robert Eckles is a former pro shop owner and world renowned archer. I have had the pleasure of knowing Robert now for nearly 15 years and it has been my pleasure to call him a friend and mentor. When it comes to archery, there is no one else out there that knows the industry as well as Robert. 

Arrow Tech has a wide variety of arrows to choose from. They have target shafts, the Vindicators, Vindicator 27s, and the Speed Freaks. Their hunting line up is impressive with the PA Series, the AK Series, the Speedfreaks, and my favorite the MT Series.

The MT Series is basically a .204 sized arrow shaft. It has a industry straightness of +/- .002 and is known for its hard hitting down range accuracy. It comes in two sizes. The MT 400s and MT 300s. Broken down that is a 400 spine or a 300 spine. The 400s come in at 10.2 GPI and the MT 300s come in at 12.2 GPI. They have a half-in/ half-outsert to finish off the shaft. The arrows are constructed in such a way that gives you a repeatable and consist spine through out the entire arrow shaft. Most arrows have a stiff side or a spine in the shaft. When building your arrows, many archers try to find the stiff side of the arrow in order to find a consist place to start when fletching the arrows. With the 6 layer construction of the Arrow Tech shafts that part is almost eliminated and you will find that spine consistency throughout the entire shaft. No more fliers or having to spine index your arrow shafts. 

My arrow build comes in at roughly 515 grains completed arrow weight. I cut my shafts roughly at 29.5 inches long. I wrapped them with a 5 inch wrap and fletched them with AAE Stealth vanes to give them a sleek look and extreme accuracy downrange. I built these arrows for the upcoming turkey season but they ultimately will be my arrow of choice come this fall for my western big game hunting. They are just the right size for cutting through the wind out west and carry enough KE downrange at longer distances that I don't sacrifice penetration. With all 12 arrow shafts built with 100 grain tips, i found all arrows to be within 2 grains of each other. The weight ranged from 513 grains to 515 grains. I was impressed with that as any more could result in a high or low shot at a longer distance. 

If you get a chance this spring when you are researching your next arrow, be sure to check out the Arrow Tech line of arrows. With a little research you will find an arrows that fits your needs. The MT Series come in at a price tag of $189.99 for a dozen shafts and is priced with other top end arrow shafts on the market.